Named after the Ariake Sea in the southern Japan. 

Ariake means dawn in Japanese, and sympolizes a new begining for the two manufactures Hirata Chair and Legnatec, both located in the Morodomim Saga Prefecture of Japan.

The two factories together, have more than 100 years of experience, with production of inventory according to the proud Japanese carpentry techniques and traditions. All in the finest woods, and dyed in typical Japanese colours.

With the belief that strong workrelations are the foundation of a good product, international furniture designers, art directores, photographers, carpenters and craftsmen were gathered in 2016 for a workshop. Despite language barriers, they had to live, eat, work and stay together. This created an collective energy, mutual understanding and trust, which have been a factor in defining the brand’s soul and creating products in the best craftsmanship, inspired by the Japanese culture.

Today, the collection counts more than 30 products and there are many more to come.

The designers are: Norm Architects, Anderssen & Voll, Gabriel Tan, Keiji Ashizawa, Shin Azumi, Staffan Holm, Zoe Mowat, Studio MK 27. 

ARIAKE is represented by EST18, founded by Anja Bothe.

“I love the honesty and the simplicity, that the Nordic design brings with the Japanese craftsmanship. I am proud and humbled to represente and distribute the beautiful collection in 12 counties in Europe.”