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Void Sculptures

Void Sculptures

Designed by Gabriel Tan


When we envisage turned wood objects, they tend to be symmetrical in form and often used as bowls, cups, or canisters for storing tea leaves. Turned wood objects are beautiful and utilitarian, but they could also be philosophical and poetic at the same time. Using carved voids, the idea was to disrupt the symmetrical beauty of these turned wood forms, giving birth to new and unexpected compositions. The outcome is a study of positive and negative space, and dialogue between three haptic volumes which serve as small sculptures. Each Void Sculpture has a gently concave surface to serve as a pedestal for displaying our most precious small items.

Tall: 90 L x 90 W x 175 H mm
Medium: 108 L x 108 W x 104 H mm
Low: 180 L x 180 W x 60 H mm

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